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We don't just build an app. We build a product. We can handle everything from planning, to design, to development, to marketing and strategy. Why? We’re not interested in a portfolio of failed apps and businesses. We want to see our clients and apps succeed. We've worked with organizations large and small to create complex, successful platforms. We strive to establish a lasting relationship with all of our clients by offering competitive services in every step of the app development process.

An app should be user-friendly and simple to use for all types of users, including newcomers and experienced ones. Apps with unique designs are used in a variety of fields. We are not limited to a single topic, but have created apps in areas such as education, business, sports, and more. Our most popular and well-known app is for Bitcoin, to gather instant news about Bitcoin. We have put forth all of our efforts to produce the most desired bitcoin trading software in order to improve trading options for bitcoin enthusiasts. With its remarkable look and features, as well as the possibility of delivering big earnings for customers, Bitcoin Era software is popular in the crypto market. The bitcoin era test 2021 reviews have provided user feedback on the software's usability and success. This software continues to be a valuable resource for any freshly developed apps.


    Innovative design paired with app functionality are defining keystones in our development process.


    Our team takes great lengths in keeping our clients updated on the app development progress.


    We transform client ideas into workable mockups and designs to lock down the visual aspects of the app prior to the implementation of its functionality.


    Our servers are built using scalable tools and methods with the potential growth of your app in mind.


    Our detailed documentation allows full understanding of the product to aid in marketing and strategy.


    Our skilled marketing strategists are available to build a full launch and success plan to ensure maximum potential.


We are capable of handling anything and everything in the app development process. You or the project manager can micromanage our team or leave us to handle the details. Whether you are a large international organization or a small startup looking to build your first million dollar product, our award winning team of designers, developers and strategists will work to build a mobile platform unlike any other. Our process? It's simple. We walk you through these three primary steps:

  • The Planning Phase

    Arguably the most important phase, yet the shortest. It's important to ensure everything is in order before development. This step begins with the Sitemap Phase. Our designers work with you to build interactive mockups, demonstrating what your app will look and function post-development. These mockups are often used to build excitement for the app or pitch it to investors.

  • The Development Phase

    Moving into development, our talented team of award winning developers will build your app for iPhone and/or Android phones or tablets. Many online crypto exchange companies have hired us to develop a mobile exchange app for customers to invest in Bitcoin. However, you may visit here to invest in Bitcoin with a regulated crypto exchange. The system will include a connected, intuitive administrative server, allowing you to dynamically manage the content on your app without the need of updating through the app store. This step ends with alpha and beta testing rounds before it is finally published and launched.

  • The Marketing and Strategy Phase

    It doesn't matter how incredible your app is if it's not being seen by your target audience. First, our certified strategists work alongside you to build a detailed strategy and plan for success. Finally, our marketers specialize in building beautiful, easy to manage websites for your app, as well as exciting, content rich promotional videos.


What sets us apart?


    A lot of single developers, while being exceptional when coding, severely lack in creative and intuitive design. Our team includes trained UI/UX designers who produce exceptional design to set your app apart visually.


    With complex APIs, we build versatile apps that require little updating through the App Store. Instead, changes can be made through our servers in real-time. This server also boasts analytics that will inform you of exactly what features are being used most.


    Many development firms build an app, hand it over and leave it to you to sink or swim. Our team of strategists will work with you to build a strategy and success plan providing direction for your next steps, giving you a edge against the competition and a quick market penetration.

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We’re not interested in a portfolio of failed apps and businesses. We want to see our clients and our apps succeed. We want to establish a lasting relationship with all of our clients to mutually benefit both parties.

MostBeastlyStudios LLC, was founded by a young entrepreneur in 2013, at the age of 14. His participation in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Madison County, IN helped him establish the foundation he needed to take off. Since then, our CEO, Brandon Boynton, has found success with several of our apps. The BullyBøx, in particular, has received nation-wide and world-wide media attention, received numerous awards, and been involved with several anti-bullying campaigns. Brandon has received a scholarship from Apple Inc. as one of the 200 best student developers, and has also received a Congressional award for his app The Curfew Buddy.


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