Launched Date Pushed

Unofficially, my board of advisors advised (I guess thats what they’re supposed to do… Haha) that I push the launch date back until the month of February. A specific day is not yet been decided upon, but I still feel optimistic about the product!

Official Launch Date

After months of careful planning and preparation, the official launch date of The BullyBøx has been set for January 20th 2013! Brandon Boynton, as the owner, will be soliciting media attention for the application, as well as moving from school district to school district presenting the application. Wish us luck!

The BullyBøx!

The business plan is about rock solid! I’m excited for the kick off!! This will revolutionize the fight against bullying! Here’s a sneak peak ;)


Custom App for my car!

I know this sounds pathetic… But I’m excited to get this one done! xD This app is basically an all inclusive GPS application simply for my car! Haha. It has the music I like, along with a MKMapView. Both of these utilize my stereo using Bluetooth. I also programmed the application to detect when the car has been started, and once it has, the app begins playing a sound effect much like a super computer starting up with the voice of JARVIS (from Iron Man) saying that the systems have been activated. Haha I’m such a nerd xD

Who knows, maybe I’ll make it universal and publish it on the app store! Haha


New Opportunity!

Right now, I may have a new possible opportunity. If all works out, it would be working with an AMAZING company! Regardless what happens, I plan to carry out the BullyBox application to its fullest extent. But, if I am lucky enough to work with this company, the “start-up” MostBeastlyStudios, may need to be put on hold! But, i have no resentment and feel like this is perfectly fine! MBS has allowed me to learn quite a bit, and has been nothing but good for me. No matter what, I want to continue with my passion… iOS Development!


Along with the free application and service “BullyBox”, now comes BullyBox+. A software that implements the data collected from the BullyBox app into manageable lists, chats, and graphs. Not only will schools know what has happened, but now know how frequently an incident has happened regarding a particular factor (i.e. who, location, time).


Back to business class today! After two weeks off, I’m excited to share what I’ve completed and progressed within the company! Also, tomorrow I’m presenting the Bully Box app to the PHHS councilors! If they like it, then I’ll see if the middle school wants to get on board!

PHHS Bully Box

The app is done! I finished debugging last night, and finished the graphics a second ago! Now I just need to present it to the councilors and hope they approve! After that, I’ll send it into review, and if all goes well, it’ll be up on the app store in about 2 weeks!

New idea!

Just came up with an app idea for schools today! The “Bully Box”! More info to come soon!

Gotta get to work!

I’ve been working so hard on my business plan portfolio, I haven’t started on my product presentation!! Better get that done tonight!

Excited for opportunity!

Have a couple new potential clients! I care for client privacy, so I won’t release much more information, but I can see this as a great business opportunity to help promote MostBeastlyStudios!

Sadly enough, due to Apple iOS Sandboxing, Kevin MacLoed has lost interest in his app for the time being. I’m glad to say that this is only because Apple does not allow 3rd party applications to import music into iMovie. Regardless, Mr. MacLoed is a great guy and a great composer! I high recommend checking out his music on!!